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Oulu Company provides full set of XPE production line and various further processing equipment

  Qingdao Oulu Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. Provides full set of XPE production lines, including granulation unit, mother sheet extrusion unit and foam unit. There are also various further processing equipment, such as sheet thickening machine, pipe forming machine and laminating machine, etc..

  Oulu Company has rich experience in equipment manufacturing and finished product production. According to the market demand and its own production practice, it constantly updates and upgrades the equipment to make it easier to operate, maintain and save energy.

  This production line can produce XPE sheet with width of 1000-2600mm and single layer thickness of 3-15mm.

  Main applications of XPE products:

  1. Lining, decoration, cushion and foot pad, etc. for vehicle, ship and aircraft.

  2. Roof and wall insulation, interior decoration and mattress materials.

  3.Insulation materials for refrigerators, air conditioners, cold storages, hot and cold water pipes and solar energy.

  4. Packaging materials for fragile articles, household appliances, electronic components, etc.

  5. Children's toys, crawling mats, surfboards, sports protective articles and leisure articles.

  6. Greenhouse insulation and barn roof sheet.

  7. Sound-absorbing and soundproof materials for aircraft, railway vehicles, automobiles, motors and other strong noise equipment and environment.