Qingdao Vanhon Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.


Customer’s satisfaction is always our pursuit. We provide timely, effective, comprehensive and professional services, including pre-sale investment planning, sale support, after sale services, help customers increase production efficiency, reduce cost and finally strengthen market competitiveness of customers.

Pre-sale services:

1) Investment budget: products’ profitability analysis, configuration and budget of machine selection and its auxiliary equipments, allocation and budget of human resources.

2) Workshop planning: installation size and placing layout of machinery; ventilation, gas, water and wiring design of workshop.

3) Provide information for various auxiliary equipment of production line.

Sale services

1) Installation and commissioning of machinery.

2) Training of operating worker and technician to make them skillfully operate machinery and know maintenance of machinery.

3) Provide formula (recipe) and technology.

4) Provide model, parameter, producer and brand of required raw materials. Or directly provide mixed materials.

After-sale services:

1) Online diagnostic function: Customers can communicate with service engineer online to get the most practical solution in time.

2) In order to shorten the time of mechanical breakdown, we repair customer’s machine with the fastest response period to increase operating rate of customer’s machine.

3) Answer customer's technical question in time. If needed, we can send person to offer on-site guidance and assistance.

4) We can provide free technical guidance if customer needs new machine, expands or rebuilds. 

5) Replacement and upgrading information of machine will be provided to customer in time.