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Successful Trial of Rubber Mouse Pad Production Line Designed and Manufactured by Oulu Company

  The mouse pad production line has been successfully tested in the customer's factory. This production line is independently designed and manufactured by Qingdao Oulu Rubber Machinery Company.

  Qingdao Oulu Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to R & D and manufacturing of rubber and plastic foam line. With our own advantages and years of mechanical design experience, we have designed and manufactured a new generation of mouse pad production line. This production line changes the traditional heating mode of heat transfer oil to natural gas heating, which not only saves energy cost, but also easily operate and maintain, and greatly prolongs service life of the machinery.

  Compared with traditional rubber mouse pad production line, the production capacity of this line is greatly improved, the degree of automation is high and greatly saves the labor cost.

  The production line can not only produce mouse pad, but also produce rubber yoga mat, rubber floor mat, rubber carpet, rubber underlay, etc.