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Foam Sheet Double-sided Laminating Machine Passed the Acceptance of Russian Customer

  Qingdao Oulu Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. has completed the acceptance of foam sheet double-sided laminating machine for Russian customer, which has been recognized by the customer. After the acceptance, the Russian customer happily said "perfect!".

  This machine can laminate four materials on the foam sheet at the same time.

  This Russian customer saw the laminating machine of Oulu Company in other Russian company and directly contacted Oulu Company. However, the previous laminating machine just can laminate two layers of materials, and this customer wants to cover four layers of materials at the same time. After understanding the customer's needs, Oulu Company directly designed a laminating machine for four layers of materials. The Russian customer was very satisfied after receiving the drawing. It greatly saves operation time and labor cost to laminate four layers of materials at the same time.

  The two sides overcame the difficulty of not being able to meet each other and completed the acceptance of the laminating machine by video communication. During the whole acceptance process, the Russian customer asked various details and the technical personnel of Oulu Company gave detailed and professional answers. This gave the customer a feeling of being on the scene.