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prefabricated rubber track machinery
Prefabricated rubber track production line
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     From rubber mixing, calendering, (bonding), vulcanization, cutting to winding, all the equipment is manufactured and provided by our company. This production line can realize automatic feeding, (automatic bonding), embossing, continuous and uninterrupted vulcanization and shaping under normal pressure, cooling, fixed length cutting and winding. This production line is continuous production to ensure the stability of performance and the controllability of quality for rubber track. And the formula and technology are also provided by our company to avoid the worries of customers.

     What is prefabricated rubber track?

     Prefabricated rubber track is a mixture of various rubber and other raw materials and is produced to coils in advanced in the factory, and then directly paved in the construction site, so it can control the quality of the track and reduce the construction intensity.

     It is suitable to pave tracks, training grounds, various sports venues, stadiums, school playgrounds and so on.

     What are the advantages of prefabricated rubber track?

1. Safety and environmental protection: non-toxic, odorless, free of heavy metal substances and volatile hazardous substances. It can be recycled.

2. Wear-resistance, impact-resistance, it can meet the needs of long-term and high-frequency use.

3. Safe, anti-skidding, it has moderate elasticity and resilience, can moderately absorb foot impact, excellent protection performance, avoid sports injury, athletes' comfort is greatly improved.

4. Reliable weather resistance, UV resistance, rain and snow resistance, performance is unchanged in high and low temperature environment.

5. Good acid and alkali resistance, excellent aging resistance, long service life.

6. Compression resistance: It will not be unable to restore elasticity due to the weight of track and field equipment.

     7. Economy: Easy to pave and maintain, save management costs.

     8. Pre-processed in the factory, quality is controllable.